Thursday, August 30, 2012

One day left!

Can you believe August is nearly over and after tomorrow, there will be no more daily illustrations to share? I can hardly believe it. I'm so amazed at the work Tonia has done and how she's been able to keep up this frenetic pace of creative energy.

Please keep checking here on the blog and on our Facebook page for details on when and how to order. We'll share them as soon as we have a firm idea of how it is all going to work.

This has been such a fun and worthwhile project to be involved with and we can't wait until all the completed prints are in our hot little hands and ready to send out to you all.

It makes me feel incredibly warm and fuzzy to think of these prints one day adoring the walls of your children's bedrooms, all over the world, knowing that you have helped support a wonderful cause for babies who are gone too soon.

Check back again tomorrow to see what the last illustration will be!

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