Sunday, August 26, 2012

Paper and printers, hurrah!

We are very excited to have a paper supply company and printer on board to bring our little project, Fairy Tales for Hope, to life.

Australian Paper have kindly donated the paper and Ellikon Certified Green Printing will be taking care of the printing side of things. We are so incredibly grateful that these two wonderful companies are donating their goods and services so that all of the funds raised through this project can be passed on to the Stillbirth Foundation Australia.

Stay tuned for more details at the end of the month when the daily illustrations are complete on when and how to order. At this stage, we plan on having them available through the Stillbirth Foundation website with a small charge for shipping. We are hoping to be able to ship internationally as well.

Thank you for your interest so far and keep your eye on this blog and the Fairy Tales For Hope Facebook page for more information.

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