Monday, September 3, 2012

Almost time to place your orders

Things are moving along very nicely with our little project. Tonia has finished preparing her artwork files for the printer, the donated paper has arrived at the printers and the Stillbirth Foundation have almost finished work on their website which will be where you are able to order your prints from.

Keep checking in here, and on the Facebook page where we will announce when it is time to order.

We are also offering the set of 31 prints for the discounted price of $500. Some people have expressed genuine interest in wanting to buy the lot, which has completely flattered us. The single prints will be available for $20 each, plus shipping. Shipping costs will be determined by your location and how many you order.

Thanks for your interest and patience! This has grown more than we ever could have imagined.

Sally & Tonia


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  1. Beautiful, talented Tonia! What a great job you are doing here! x