Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fairy Tales updates...

I have been so busy maintaining our Facebook page and keeping up with all the goings on with Fairy Tales for Hope, that I have neglected to update our blog.

A lot has been happening in Fairy Tales for Hope land, so let me fill you in:

  • Our story was featured on mamamia this week. We'd LOVE it if you could head over and have a read, and leave a comment as well. While we're incredibly grateful it has been given a run, it was a long way buried down on their page and we're not sure anyone will really see it where it has been placed. Still, some exposure is better than no exposure. You can read it here: There will be a story published in Leader Newspapers in Melbourne next week and we will share a link once that goes up on their website. We are still chasing a few other media opportunities. 
  • Thumbelina has sold out! We are going to try really hard to get another print run, but it is difficult  when you're asking for freebies and calling in favours. We'll keep everyone updated about that. As a result of this, we've also had to remove the option to buy the whole set. If you would still like to purchase the set at this point, just be aware it will be without Thumbelina. Email the Stillbirth Foundation direct to enquire about this.
  • We have had more than 200 orders with more than 900 prints sold, and that was an update I got a few days ago, so those numbers have surely gone up again now. This is such a great result, given they only went on sale a week or so ago. There are 3100 prints all up, and we'd still dearly love to sell each and every one of them, to raise as much money as we possibly can, after all that is what this project is about.
  • Orders are coming in from all over the world! We will ship anywhere in the world for $16AUD, no matter how many you order, or anywhere in Australia for $12AUD.
  • The Stillbirth Foundation have also now got their own Facebook page, which I will be looking after. If you want to keep up to date with the work they are doing to raise stillbirth awareness, please head over and like their page They are hosting a ball in November and it promises to be a lot of fun, so get together a table if you're interested. 
  • The illustrations are now finally printed! They are being delivered to the Stillbirth Foundation offices in Sydney today, so hopefully within a few weeks, they will be able to begin posting them out. This will be a huge job for them with the number of prints on order, so please be patient. They are also waiting on a delivery of specially made boxes to send them out in, so the prints arrive to you in the best possible condition.
  • Other popular prints at the moment are The Ugly Duckling, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, The Princess and the Pea and Jack and the Beanstalk so if you are interested in any of those, please get your orders in soon!
That is probably all for now. Just want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support and generosity so far. 

Sally & Tonia


  1. Hi Sally & Tonia, Congratulations on creating these prints and an opportunity to contribute to a worthy cause. I've only just found out about your work today, and fell in love with Thumbelina. Could you please update us when/if Thumbelina gets another print run. Many thanks, Deb

    1. Hi Bright Precious, we will certainly do that. For now though, I hope there are some other beautiful illustrations that interest you! Many of them are also selling fast, so I'd hate for you to miss out all together.
      Sally xo

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  3. Hi Sally -

    I had intended to order to order 3 for Hugo's room - I've ended up with 7! They are just so beautiful - Tonia is super talented.

    You are doing amazing work - an inspiration to us all. Will look forward to receiving them in a few weeks time.

    Much love to you and yours, especially little Hope, who will now be featured in many nurseries around the world I suspect. What a legacy.


    1. You are too kind! Would love to know which ones you chose. I purchased the whole set (kind of had to, no way was I going to chose!) and I still can't decide which ones I'll frame and hang in the kids' room. A nice problem to have, I think.

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    3. I have ordered: The Pied Piper, Jack & The Beanstalk, The Gingerbread Man, The 3 Little Pigs, The Ugly Duckling, The Three Bears, and Rumplestiltskin... I think they'll look great together making a good strong splash of colour.

      I had been sitting on a bit of cash that my Grandad left me when he died - I'd felt so much pressure to buy something significant... And I hadn't a clue what... jewellery felt too indulgent. But then you started your project and it was a no brainer... I'm happy knowing the money is going to a great cause, I'll be getting some beautiful images, and I can use the remaining money to buy some quality frames to ensure they last a while.

      ps. Yes 31 frames may be a little pricey!... maybe let the kids pick one each for framing, to sit alongside Sleeping Beauty for Hope?